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Dr. Detlev Freyhoff

EDU-WorldWide(short for: EDUcation WorldWide) was founded on 1st July 2019 and re-established – after a break due to Corona – in September 2022.
The owner of the company, Dr. Detlev Freyhoff, is a foreign trade graduate with over 40 years of professional experience in the educational sector. He worked as a lecturer and in responsible management positions in Germany, as well as in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and in The Netherlands. He has published a number of textbooks as well as scientific articles on the field of education. Now he teaches at the International University in Leipzig, among other places. With heart and soul, he particularly supports educational project in Ukraine and in the Third World.
The business purpose of the EDU-WorldWide are the counselling, training and mediation of pupil sand students at German educational institutions (language schools, secondary schools, vocational schools/Berufsschulen and universities) as well as qualified workers in German companies.
The company's philosophy is based on the internationalization and globalization of all areas of life in society, including the labor and education markets.
More and more German and foreign companies are operating globally. The proportion of foreign students at universities and colleges is growing worldwide. This process is accompanied by the rapidly growing mobility of school pupils, students and skilled workers. Furthermore, millions of foreign workers will be needed in Germany in the coming years due to demographic developments.  
EDU-WorldWide sees itself firstly as a mediator between foreign pupils, students and German educational institutions on the one side and between German speaking foreign employees and German companies on the other side.
Secondly, EDU-WorldWide will initially connect educational measures for the international education market between pupils, students, specialists as well as managers interested in education with educational institutions (universities, vocational schools, language schools, training/coaching companies). With its own WorldWide Language Academy, EDU-WorldWide has also started to offer educational measures itself.
The company's work will be characterized by cosmopolitanism, high professional quality and intercultural competence. EDU-WorldWide places customer- and market-oriented work as well as a high degree of customer and employee satisfaction at the center of its activities. This is reflected in the company mission statement.

Finally, EDU-WorldWide is focused on a sustainable, beneficial and trustful cooperation with all partners and applicants as well as with all other interested people around the world.

Unterschrift von Dr. Detlev Freyhoff

Dr. Detlev Freyhoff
Owner/Managing Director

Zwickau, 1st July 2023